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Pole princess studio have implemented the following policy to ensure your safety when enjoying the studio and stop the spread of COVID-19. Whilst participation is entirely voluntary and at your own risk we hope that the following will put your mind at rest that we are doing all we can.

We would ask all students, instructors and visitors to adhere to the following at all times. Please note that failure to do so may result in you being removed from the studio and having your membership suspended.


You should wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds before entering the studio, leaving the studio, going to the toilet, sneezing or coughing.

Please use the hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available.

Should use sneeze or cough please use a tissue and dispose of this immediately.

Whilst waiting to get access to the studio please ensure you wear a mask at all times.

Where possible please try and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth while in studio.

No cuddles..i know we all want to but it’s a no for the foreseeable whilst adhering to our social distance policy.

When touching any high risk areas i.e. handles of doors please sanitise after.


Do not use any other equipment in class other than what you have been given from the instructor.

Only use the cleaning equipment provided for your pole.

Please bring your own grip as we will not provide this nor can you share with anyone.


All common areas will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis including door handles, light switches and other high contact areas.

Try to avoid waiting in common areas were possible it would be preferable for students to show up five minutes before class to ensure they are not waiting outside for longer than required.


Please put all waste in bin provided or take this home with you.


During classes windows will be left open to ensure ventilation. Please do not touch windows and ask an instructor should you need them open/closed.


Please do not bring into the studio anything that is non-essential and ensure that you only bring what is required for your class.

All heels within the studio should be removed.

When entering the studio please remove your shoes and leave in the shelving provided.


Please arrive at the studio only 5 mins before your class, this will allow the last class to leave and also to ensure that the equipment can be cleaned accordingly. If you need to wait outside studio earlier then please sit at stairs and maintain social distancing at all times.

Please arrive ready for class where possible ideally wearing training wear and leggings.

You should attend 2 metres social distancing at all times between you and other students unless they are from the same household as you.

Please remove your shoes in changing area and put them in the shelving provided.

You will be temperature checked upon entry.

Do not enter the studio area until asked to do so and ensure you go to the pole that the instructor gives you.

You will see markings around your pole and we would ask that you familiarise yourself with this and ensure you stay within this during class. You should only leave this area if you require to go to toilet, wash your hands, use the bin or need medical assistance.

You shall have your own bottle of cleaner next to your pole and blue roll.

You will not be spotted during class and must ensure you have a crash mat under you at all times.

Please bring your own grip as you will not be permitted to share with any other student.

Do not move into another students space during class.

Please wear a face mask whilst you are waiting to come into class, however, it is not mandatory while in the studio as for strenuous exercise it is not mandatory.

Please bring your own cloth to clean your pole, however, blue roll will be provided.

At end of your class you will be ask to sanitise your pole and this will then be followed again by the instructor before the next class. You do not need to do this if you are staying on for the next class.


We will be working with unwrapped hoops at the moment to allow for sanitisation between students.

Please wear shorts for additional grip.

Max 2 students using hoop at any time.

Whilst you are not on hoop please maintain social distancing at all time.

Spotting will be at a minimum so ensure you have mats under you.


You must bring your own chair which can be left in studio.

When chair and pole combined you must clean your pole and floor area between turns.

Clean chair after class.

Social distance at all times.


You should not attend class if you have any COVID -19 symptoms and should ensure you cancel your bookings on BOOK WHEN. If you can no longer attend a class you have booked for whatever reason then you should cancel on the BOOK WHEN system. We will have a 24 hour cancellation policy in place and will be monitoring this closely to ensure you all have as much pole time as possible. Please note if anyone consistently books classes and does not show we will reserve the right to ban you from booking for two weeks. Do not send instructors messages to cancel use the system only.


The booking system will allow us to track who has attended the studio on any given day. If you have developed symptoms within 14 days of being at studio or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive then please contact us immediately. If you email we shall take action accordingly and ensure all personal details remain confidential as per GDPR.

If a student or instructor has tested positive for COVID-19 we will track and trace by using your details on the BOOK WHEN system. Please ensure all details on this are correct.

If we believe there has been an outbreak the studio shall be shut down for 1 day to allow for a deep clean to take place. All students booked will be notified and credits returned.

Once cleaning has been completed and we plan to reopen then all students shall be notified.

2nd Floor

54 Gordon Street


G1 3PU


United Kingdom

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