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Pole dance instructor Bumbles in the studio



Stretch Instructor

@elfybumbles celebrated her 12th year pole dancing as well as her 50th birthday in 2023. Bumbles went to watch a pole show with a friend and had no idea what to expect. She loved every minute of it and ended up signing up for a class and never looked back. Pole gave Bumbles a purpose and help with her social anxeity and now she has amazing friends from the studio who love her to pieces.

You can expect a class with @elfybumbles to be fun, happy and stress free. Somewhere you can go after a hard day at work and relax and catch up with friends. A word from Bumbles:

"I'm plus sized and plus aged. Proof that pole is for all bodys no matter the size, shape or age."

pole fitness instructor scottishaerialist during a pole photoshot



Fly/ Aerial Pole Instructor

@scottishaerialist has been pole dancing for 6 years and teaching for 3. She took over pole classes for @poledee when she went on maternity leave and has been such a hit with all the students that she's now taken over the classes full time. Scottishaerialist, as her name suggests, loves everything aerial. She is always learning a new discipline and bringing what she can to the studio for others to learn. These include silks, static trapeze, flying trapeze, chinese pole, fly pole, aerial hoop and probably a lot more!

You can catch Scottishaerialist teaching pole dance classes on a Tuesday and Wednesday night and you can guarantee that you will work hard and walk away with something completely new to work on. She enjoys finding pole combos on instagram and changing them to suit all levels of the class. 

When she isn't teaching, you'll find her preparing for pole competitions, at which she is absolutely smashing them!

aerial hoop instructor theflyingglasweeyin at an outdoor photoshoot


Aerial Hoop Instructor

@theflyingglasweeyin has been a resident aerial hoop instructor at Pole Princess since the studio started offering the classes. She works her students hard but you can always see the students laughing or smiling throughout the classes. Students are encouraged to dress up for any occasion, Halloween, Valentine's day, Christmas or even just for fun on a random Tuesday. 

You will always see the aerial hoops students spending time together outside of class as @theflyingglasweeyin brings them together with various outings such as outdoor photo shoots and trips to the roller rink. Book in to the aerial hoop classes quickly as you'll always see a waiting list!

Pole dance instructor at a pole competition kimberleypoledncr



Heels/flow Instructor

@kimberleypoledncr is Pole Princess's resident flow goddess. She is all about dynamic heels choreography and always comes to classes with new ways to move around the pole. She is constantly attending new heels workshops to improve her own dancing and brings this back to classes to further her students learning. 

When @kimberleypoledncr isn't teaching flow, she brings her strength and flexibility to class and brings interesting new transitions and pole moves to her students. You can catch Kimberley on a Wednesday night between 7pm-9pm.

pole fitness instructor hayley_polefit at an underground pole photoshoot



@hayley_polefit currently assists Bumbles in her Monday and Thursday pole dance classes due to their extreme popularity. She is everyone's biggest cheerleader and you'll always find her shouting (or screaming) in support of her students. When Hayley is teaching classes you'll always find students smiling and laughing, showing just how fun her classes are.

Hayley qualified as a pole instructor a couple years ago, and is also working towards a degree in sport science. This gives her advanced knowledge on what students need to work on to get those goal moves, so if you're struggling, she can definitely help!

aerial hoop, silks and hammock instructor kbelle2014 at an aerial competition


Aerial Hoop Instructor

Silks and Hammock Intructor

Inspired by anything upside down and spinning, @kbelle2014 has been teaching all things aerial since 2015. After moving to Glasgow she quickly found her home at Pole Princess and added Chairography to her repertoire in 2020.


Illusion tricks and transitions are Kerri's favourite, she enjoys the weird and wonderful especially when it comes to exploring possibilities with aerial apparatus and combining them. She loves nothing better than sharing her knowledge and watching her students grow in strength, skills and confidence.


She has enjoyed competing over the past years and came first in the UK Aerial Performance Championship Open Instructor category in 2020 and 2022. Her first competition was at MMPS with her pole twinnie where they came first in Pole Doubles. Her motto is... If there's a will, there's definitely a way!

To find out how to book into our classes with our amazing instructors head over the the classes & prices page where you can see all the pole dance and aerial hoops classes we have to offer. To see what our students get up to in classes, head over to the gallery, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more regular updates.

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