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Pole fitness is not just a trend, it's a lifestyle. Once you start, you will quickly get addicted to the things you can do on the pole. At Pole Princess we thrive on creating a community in classes to encourage and motivate each other to progress and do their best. Whatever your fitness goal is; tone up, lose weight, become more active, become more mobile, increase your strength - the studio and our dance instructors can help you achieve it.

All classes at pole princess are open level meaning you can choose the class time that suits you best. 

elbow seat performed by a pole dance student in the studio
bunny split performed by a pole fitness student at Pole Princess Glasgow

Get taught by our experienced pole dance instructors, capable of teaching beginners all the way to elite.

Create a pole dance routine and perform in our in house showcases.

Layback bridge performed on the pole in front of the Pole Princess Glasgow LED name light

We have a range of pole classes to choose from such as pole choreography, chairography, pole tricks and combos, leg stretch and back stretch. Take a look at our class schedule and book in now.

2nd Floor

54 Gordon Street


G1 3PU


United Kingdom

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Pole Princess Glasgow LED name light
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