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Why try it?

Pole dancing is great for toning up every part of your body, great way to stay fit. Its brilliant fun and is extremely addictive. All classes are private and all instructors are friendly and approachable.

What should I bring on the night?     

 All you will need is t-shirt or vest, shorts and a pair of heels!!!!

Do I need to be fit already?   

We will guide you through from begginers to advance so there is no need to be fit to begin with. You can begin this with any level of fitness!!!!

Can I have a pole in my home? 

  We can get you an X-pole delivered and put it up for you!!!!

Nervous about coming on your own?

     Don't worry about attending on your own. We actively seek to make sure everyone gets to know each other. The class are aimed at having a social aspect to it rather than just being a class for learning.

Will I have to share a pole?

        Some of the classes will require you share a pole with another person. As well as this allowing you to meet new people, we aim this more so at your safety. As you progress through the classes we want you to be paired with someone who can help and ensure that you don't hurt yourself. We at pole princess aim to ensure that you learn new moves and do this safely!!!!!

How do I book? 

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