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Why try pole fitness and aerial hoop?


Pole dancing and aerial hoop are both great ways to stay fit without feeling like you're exercising. Both activities help with increasing your strength and mobility, so not only will you gather some amazing photos of you creating beautiful shapes, but you'll increase your overall health in a fun way.


What should I bring on the night?     


For our pole fitness classes, shorts and sports bra will help to be able to use your skin to stick to the pole more. As a beginner you can wear a T-shirt. Our aerial hoop classes require leggings, socks (the thicker the better) and a long sleeve top. These will help prevent burns from the hoop. For our dance classes you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in but feel free to bring pole heels and think about a pair of knee pads.

Make sure you bring a water bottle with you to keep hydrated throughout the night!


Do I need to be fit already?   


Absolutely not, You can be of any fitness level to start pole dancing and aerial hoop. Our amazing instructors will guide you from beginners to elite and you'll be surprised at how much strength and flexibility you achieve just by showing up to class!


What kind of poles does the studio have?


Pole Princess purchases all their poles from the well established pole provider X-pole. All our poles are installed professionally and are fixed to the ceiling for the highest level of safety for all our students. The studio consists of two 40mm chrome poles and five 45mm chrome poles. We also have two aerial hoops and a fly pole that are attached to the strops only on days when classes are on.


Can I have a pole in my home? 


 We can help you choose the right pole for you from the X-pole website, get it delivered and even help you put it up! Just ask one of our instructors in class. 


Nervous about coming on your own?


    At Pole Princess, we strive for an inclusive environment. We host events throughout the year from pizza nights to parties to make sure students gets a chance to get to know each other. The pole and aerial community is so small, it's always nice to have friends with the same passion as you! You can read about our inclusive studio in our student testimonials. If you do have any issues, we aim to sort out any problems swiftly so don't be afraid to send us a message on Facebook or fill in the contact form.


Will I have to share a pole?


        Some of the classes will require you share a pole with another person. As well as allowing you to meet new people, this also ensures your safety. As you progress through the classes we will pair you with someone of a similar level to you so while the instructor is teaching another student, you can practice your own moves safely. 


How do I book? 


Check out our class passes here, and head over to our Bookwhen site to book into your first pole dance class.


Still have more questions? Message us on Facebook or Instagram, or fill out our contact form.

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54 Gordon Street


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United Kingdom

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